A Beer with Jamie Ramshaw

This summer, we were delighted to have Jamie Ramshaw join the Home of Good Malt.  Jamie is no stranger to the Simpsons Malt family.  We’ve been lucky enough to work with him for a number of years prior to joining our team – most recently during his time at our UK distributor, Murphy & Son Ltd.

A familiar face around UK breweries and industry events, Jamie is well known for his technical knowledge as well as his passion for brewing great beer!

How have your first few weeks gone at Simpsons Malt, Jamie?

Mind blowing – but in a good way! Whilst I have always been made to feel part of the family so to speak, it’s been great meeting more of the team. I’ve sat down with so many interesting people both in Berwick and Tivetshall and learnt so much.

One day I could be talking to a farmer, the next someone in the lab or experiencing that wonderful roast house environment – it’s been fantastic.  I have a feeling I’ll never stop learning here, which is great.

There are so many people who have been with the business for many, many years and tapping into their experience and knowledge has been great… my brain is in sponge mode!  The thing that stands out the most is just how supportive everyone is of each other. A great family approach and team environment.

You come with plenty of technical expertise, so what kind of additional pearls of wisdom can Simpsons Malt customers expect from you when you’re out and about?

I have lots of problem solving experience and lots of contacts – so if I can’t help, I usually know someone who can! I like to think I can add value by providing impartial advice.

I’ll also be the Brewer’s voice into Simpsons – their eyes and ears.

Whilst you might not be quite ready for a malt blindfold challenge (yet!) if you could name a malt with within one mouth crunch, what would it be?

I could name them all, however for me DRC®™ particularly stands out.

Which industry event are you most excited about attending this year?

It’s got to be Drinktec.  I have a lot of contacts abroad, so it’s a good opportunity to see them and catch up.  The Simpsons Malt stand always has a great energy and I only have experience from the outside, so it’ll be good to be inside the hub with my ‘access all areas’ pass!

For us it’s all about taste and flavour. You must have a personal preference in beer style…care to share?

I always like to say I don’t have an opinion, however It has to be a well-made beer, of course – and I can tell a good quality beer. A good test is to see if I have another!

 If you could go back to a pub, with a jukebox in any era, which song and beer would you choose and why?

That’s a toughie! It would most likely be in the late 80s/early 90s ‘Madchester’ scene with my band (yep, I was a bassist in a band!).

Jaipur IPA would most likely be in my glass and The Stone Roses would be playing in the background.  Although when it was my turn on the juke box, I’d most likely put on something by The Clash!