Malt of the Month – Black Malt

This month we’re celebrating Black Malt. It’s the Stephen King of malts: intense, dark and rich.

Using Black Malt is a great option if you’re after a darker beer without disrupting the flavour balance. Some pretty rad customers use it in their brews and it’s popular with a number of home brewers too.

Here’s why…

Taste & flavour

Black Malt has a pretty neutral flavour, making it a great choice for full flavoured beers in need of deeper colouring. If you pushed us though, we’d say it has a slightly nutty, cocoa flavour, although it’s very subtle.

It adds very little astringency or roast characteristics, so you get that lovely clean dryness that can be hard to come by in darker beers.

If you’re looking for a malt that won’t colour your beers, this is NOT the one! (You could try Low Colour Maris Otter or Dextrin Malt instead). However, it IS an ideal companion in Porters, London Brown Ales, hop-forward black beers and of course black larger.

Try it for yourself

If Black Malt sounds like a bit of you, then why not try it for yourself or place an order? Get in touch with our team today!