Malt of the Month – Brown Malt

An awesome but often underrated malt, this month we’re celebrating Brown Malt and the warmth and depth that it brings to dark beers.

This roast malt has a deep mahogany hue that is developed in the malting process – it spends up to five days in germination before being kilned for one day and then entering the roast drum.

Let’s discover more about this great roast malt…

Taste & flavour

With a strong flavour of coffee beans, our Brown Malt imparts a rich coffee aroma, making it ideal for Stouts and Porters.


Brown Malt delivers a smooth mouthfeel as well as increasing foam stability when used at up to 10%.

Try it for yourself

If you’re interested in finding out more about Brown Malt or trying it for yourself, then you can get in touch with our order team today!