Malt of the Month – Chocolate Malt

It is COLD in the UK at the moment. So cold that we just want to huddle up under the duvet and hibernate until spring. But we can’t be doing that when we’ve got beer to brew or malt to mash!

So, we’ve got the next best thing… February’s malt of the month is Chocolate Malt, a delightfully warming malt that brings dark chocolatey comfort to loads of different beer styles.

Want to know more about Chocolate Malt? Say no more…

Taste and flavour

Chocolate Malt brings a dark, rich and complex chocolatey taste to a variety of beers. Deep undertones of coffee can also be detected.


Use Chocolate Malt up to 10% in winter warmers, porter and stout, dark mild and bock beer styles for a rich and smooth brew.


Chocolate Malt counts Oskar Blues Brewery amongst its fans. Here’s what Tim Matthews, Oskar Blues Head Brewer had to say about this special malt… “When we use Chocolate at Oskar Blues, it is absolutely sublime. The roast is sweet and potent, with dark cacao and espresso notes flirting with the extreme. Very versatile and clean in the mouthfeel.”

Try it for yourself

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