Extra Dark Crystal Malt

Malt of the Month – Crystal Extra Dark

This December, it’s Crystal Extra Dark’s time to shine.

Our malt of the month for the festive period will add a whole load of merriment and joy to your yuletide brews. We love this malt for its rich, Christmas cake flavour and for the balance it brings to darker beers like Stout, Porter and Extra Strong Beer.

Read on to find out why Crystal Extra Dark is December’s Malt of the Month…

Taste and flavour

Our premium crystal malts are known for their sweetness and flavour. These premium malts are roasted at high temperatures and then quickly cooled. This creates crystal-like hardened sugars which give beers that distinctive sweetened taste.

Crystal Extra Dark is a complex malt which imparts notes of burnt sugar, raisins and other dried fruits which combine to give that warming Christmas cake flavour.


Due to its strength, a little goes a long way with Crystal Extra Dark. To balance flavour and enhance colour in dark beers, we recommend using this malt as little as 3% and no more than 10%.

Used in small amounts, you’ll also notice an improvement in head retention.

Try it for yourself

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