Malt of the Month – Crystal Light

Who’s absolutely STOKED that the days are getting a little brighter around here?
We are!

Spring has sprung, and to celebrate, May’s Malt of the Month is Crystal Light, a lovely little malt that brings out both a beautiful colour and a beautiful flavour in beers.

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Taste and Flavour
Crystal Light brings out a mild and clean sweetness in many beer styles but does not give off that highly roasted characteristic associated with some darker malts.

This malt is more suited to brews that require a little more depth of flavour. More subtle and delicate than big and punchy, Crystal Light has an almost fruity quality – specifically, dried apricots – as well as that sweet, biscuity-caramel taste that crystal malts are known for.

Crystal light is known for the golden hues it draws out in lighter brews.

It goes well in a whole load of beer styles, but it’s awesome in IPAs, Best Bitters and Brown Ales.

Brewers tend to recommend using it at 5-15% to give extra body but without imparting an overpowering taste.

Crystal Light is popular with a number of brewers. Here’s what Matt Brynildson, Head Brewer at Firestone Walker Brewing Company said about our Malt of the Month:

“Simpsons’ Crystal Light found its way into a number of our Pale Ales and IPAs. It imparts mild, balanced toffee flavours, and a beautiful golden colour without adding astringency or dominating the flavour profile of our beers.

“Chewing the malt reveals beautiful consistent glassy kernels, absent of burnt material and with wonderful caramel clean malty goodness throughout.”

Try it for yourself
If you’re interested in finding out more about Crystal Light or trying it for yourself, then you can get in touch with our order team today!