Malt of the Month – Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise

Spring is well on its way, the weather’s getting warmer, and we’ve got sunshine on the brain.

This May, our Malt of the Month is Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise, a 100% certified light malt that is best pals with hops. Bringing balance to even the boldest of hopped-beers, Golden Promise is a beautiful heritage variety, known for its taste, diversity and processability.

Providing the biggest base of any malt, this versatile UK-grown ingredient lends itself to a wide range of exceptional beer styles.

Golden Promise is created from 100% certified Golden Promise seed with no varietal blend, grown in Scotland and North England, at our Berwick-upon-Tweed maltings and distributed around the globe.

For droplets of golden sunshine in your glass, find out more about Golden Promise…

Taste & flavour

Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise gives a beautiful fuller mouthfeel and balance to beers, especially highly hopped ones. It imparts a light malty taste combined with mellow sweetness for a clean and well-rounded flavour.

Versatile and adaptable, Golden Promise provides the perfect canvas for flavour experimentation.


Golden Promise is a fantastic all-rounder. It works well in classic and session IPAs but as it also loves hops, it’s great in Highly Hopped Keg Beers, Cask Ales, SMASH Beers, and any English or Scottish style ale.

Our malt of the month can be used up to 100% in a variety of beers.


Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise enthusiasts include Andy Leman, Head Brewer at Timothy Taylor & Co Ltd.

He told us: “No other malt gives the same exceptional flavour to our beers that Golden Promise provides, and that’s why we’ve used it for over 40 years.”

Jeremy S Kosmicki Brewmaster at Founders Brewing Co. agrees: “When used as the featured malt, it finishes clean and provides a malty sweetness that is a perfect backdrop for many beer styles. It’s especially good for providing balance in hop forward beers.”

Try it for yourself

Wherever you’re based, we can get our great malts to your brewery thanks to our fantastic distributor partners. If you’re interested in finding out more about our Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise, or trying it for yourself, then get in touch with our order team today!