Malt of the Month – Heritage Crystal

Typically, Maris Otter has been the base malt of choice for British brewers. Its uniformity and quality have made it a dependable malt that can produce consistent results within brews of every size.

Heritage Crystal is an exceptional malt, produced with the principles of both heritage Maris Otter and quality crystal malts.

Crafted from premium Maris Otter and placed through the crystal malt production process, Heritage Crystal malt provides brewers with the benefits of both a reliable Maris Otter base and the depth of flavour that crystal malts provide.

Learn more about Heritage Crystal malt, our Malt of the Month for November.

Taste & Flavour

Heritage Crystal malt provides the familiar flavour of caramel and toffee associated with crystal malts. It can be used to add depth of flavour and complexity to beers.


Given its uniform nature, Heritage Crystal malt can be used effectively in most beers. It’s excellent in ales, bitters and traditional British beers. Generally, brewers use this malt up to 5-15% in brews as a trustworthy base that adds a deep colour to beers.

Try it for yourself

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