Malt of the Month: Imperial Malt

This month it’s the turn of malt royalty, Imperial Malt. This highly kilned malt is known for its depth of colour, flavour and aroma.

Rich and flavour-enhancing, Imperial Malt is Munich Malt’s more intense cousin. It adds warm notes to the wort that intensify depth of colour without compromising enzymic activity.

Brewers have noted its full-bodied flavour and dry-biscuit aroma, which makes it perfect for light and dark ales, as well as porter and stout.

Taste & flavour

Malt quality can make or break the quality and taste of your brew. That’s why choosing the right malt is so important. We love Imperial Malt for its complex taste of biscuit-dry sweetness with notes of honey and plum. Hints of bread-crust can also be detected.


Used up to 20% in Light Ales, Imperial Malt will enhance flavour. For stronger Brown Ales and Porters, use Imperial up to 50%, and up to 80% for Dark Beers and Stouts.

Try it for yourself

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