Malt of the Month – Simpsons DRC

We’ve got a really special malt for October’s Malt of the Month – it’s our own Simpsons DRC.

This crystal malt undergoes a unique production process, meaning that Simpsons DRC can be used as a substitute for darker roasted malts to produce Dark Beers where you want to avoid the astringency and bitterness inherent to roast malts.

Let’s dive into why this malt is so special…

Taste & flavour

Simpsons DRC imparts beautifully complex caramel flavour and subtle notes of dried plums and raisins, while also lending a gorgeous red-brown hue. This malt also provides a deliciously sweet aftertaste.


This malt is well suited to Pale Ales, British Strong Ales and Belgian Abbey, and is best used at between 3-20%.


Peter Hoey, Brewmaster and co-founder of California-based Urban Roots Brewing, knows how special this malt is.

He said that Simpsons DRC is  “ …the secret behind my Stouts and Imperial Stouts.”

Try it for yourself

If you’re interested in finding out more or trying Simpsons DRC for yourself, then you can get in touch with our order team today!