Spring Barley

Spring Barley 2021: Crop Updates from Beal Farm

Each year, we operate a Spring Barley Variety Trials site at Beal Farm in Northumberland, UK.

The purpose of having this site is that it allows us to assess current barley varieties, as well as new, up and coming barley varieties on a field scale basis. You can read – and watch – more about this in our Introduction to UK Barley blog and video HERE.

The site also assists the agronomy team at our agricultural merchanting division McCreath Simpson & Prentice (MSP) with the advice and expertise they are able to offer their farming customers.

Spring BarleyOn April 1, 2021, a total of 17 spring barley varieties were drilled. Some are brewing-only varieties, others distilling-only varieties and also some dual-purpose (brewing and distilling) varieties.

Throughout the growing season, Agrochemical & Technical Director David Cairns will be providing regular updates on the spring barley varieties. We’ll post these in chronological order below.

Spring Barley Crop Update – April 19

In the first episode, David chats about:

  • How the trials site was drilled with sustainability at the forefront.
  • The spring barleys beginning to row up.
  • The need for some rainfall to get things moving.

Spring Barley Crop Update – May 7

In the second episode, David chats about:

  • The importance of 20mm rainfall in the past week.
  • Root systems with close-ups of how good they’re looking.
  • Plant health and what we’re doing to maintain that throughout the season.

Episode 3 coming soon…

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