Simpsons Malt support Berwick’s Riding of the Bounds

“Without the continued support of Simpsons malt this event would have vanished into history, the costs of executing the event were impossible to be met by a small group of volunteers. The faith that Simpson’s showed to the new committee by becoming the main sponsor to make the dream  of  riding the Bounds and aspiring to be a chief marshal available to any local person has been outstanding.” – Berwick Riders Association

Simpsons Malt continues its partnership with the Berwick Riders Association in support of the 409th Riding of the Bounds 2018, taking place on 5th May.

The annual event is a celebration of the traditional 15-mile ride to check the security of the boundaries of the town, with a procession of horsemen rekindling 17th century tradition with modern pageantry.

Speaking about our sponsorship, Jude Eltringham said: “Their contribution has paid towards riding lessons and uniforms for the principal riders. The committee would like to thank Richard Simpson and everyone at Simpsons malt for their support.”

Simpsons Malt Vice Chairman Richard Simpson explains: “The traditional event, dating back to 1550, is a huge draw for the town and one that we are very proud to be a part of for the second year running. We know our support of the event will help to keep it alive for generations to come and hopefully help to encourage more riders to take part.

“As a family business in Berwick-upon-Tweed we are keen to be a part of the development of culture in the local area and we hope with our support more people, including those who do not currently ride or own their own horse, will take part in the event in years to come.”