Richard Simpson with two members of the Berwick Food & Beer Festival

Berwick Food & Beer Festival toast local producers with Simpsons Malt support

Simpsons Malt announces its support as headline sponsor for the annual Berwick Food & Beer Festival, from 1st – 3rd September, will continue in 2017.

Run by Berwick’s Slow Food Group and celebrating its 10th year, the three-day event showcases the region’s unique heritage and provenance for food and drink by celebrating local producers and inviting locals to sample the best of what their area has to offer.

With the help of Simpsons Malt, the Berwick Food & Beer Festival has dedicated the Friday night of the festival to toast the local artisan brewers from the surrounding areas showcasing their beers.

Held in the marquee on the Barracks Parade, the Beer Festival will attract festival-goers with its perfect mix of artisan brewers, local ciders, wines, gin and cocktails.

Simpsons Malt takes pride in showing support for local initiatives and are proud of their heritage in Berwick, as one of the UK’s largest producers of fine malt they supply malts to some of the biggest beer and whisky producers around the world.

Speaking about his support of the festival, Vice Chairman of Simpsons Malt, Richard Simpson explained: “Simpsons Malt is proud to produce some of the finest malt which comes from barley grown in nearby fields and is then exported around the world.  Being part of a festival that celebrates local, quality produce gets our wholehearted backing.”