Trust pledges support to Berwickshire charity ParentSpace

The Simpson McCreath Trust has pledged a grant of £1,440 towards ParentSpace, a Berwickshire-based charity that delivers evidence-based courses, workshops, drop-ins, one-to-one support and a befriending service to support parents and carers.

The grant will enable ParentSpace to train a further eight facilitators to deliver parenting courses, helping them to achieve their mission statement, which is: Enabling and supporting parents and carers to create a secure and healthy base for their children’s emotional growth and encouraging positive communication within families.

The facilitator training will begin next month, with individual training on a learning hub that opens on September 2. Following that, part one of online training will take place on September 22 and September 24, with part two on October 15.

Karen Lerpiniere, ParentSpace Project Manager, said: “We are extremely grateful to receive funding from The Simpson McCreath Trust to train eight new facilitators for ParentSpace, which means we will be able deliver more courses and expand the service geographically from Berwickshire throughout the rest of the Borders.

“We know that parenting is the hardest job in the world and that all parents want to do the best job they can, but it can be really hard to ask for help.

“The Scottish Government’s National Parenting Strategy highlighted that parents want more education and information about parenting and we are keen to make that information as easily accessible as possible for all parents. This funding will help us to meet that need.”

Richard Simpson, Trustee of The Simpson McCreath Trust and Vice-Chairman of Simpsons Malt, added: “We are delighted to be able to support ParentSpace with this grant, which will train a further eight facilitators to deliver parenting courses and widen this important charity’s reach in the Berwickshire area.”

If you’re interested in becoming a facilitator, or would like to find out more about ParentSpace’s services, contact Karen at or contact 07545 592464.

You can also visit the ParentSpace website:

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