A Beer With… Jordi Sala, Agronet Brewing

We’re very proud of our loyal distributor network – a hard-working team ensuring our quality malts reach brewers around the world.

As part of our A Beer With… series (have you read our chat with Jamie Ramshaw?), we recently caught up with Director of Agronet Brewing, Jordi Sala. Our malt distribution partner in Spain and Portugal, Jordi has worked with the team at Simpsons Malt since 2015.

Let’s find out what he had to say about the Spanish brewing market, and what he loves about Simpsons Malt…

What kind of customers do you have?

“We sell to all the breweries and homebrewing shops in Spain and Portugal. Regarding the homebrewers, I think we have to respect the small shops that give technical support to all home brewers just starting out, and not become a competitor. We pride ourselves on being a supplier that provides good quality materials and service.”

What has been the biggest change in the Spanish brewing market over the last few years?

“Well, the Spanish market is changing every day – it is growing rapidly.  However there is an increasing demand for a higher quality of. Especially in Barcelona, there is a fantastic craft beer scene and not everybody can sell their beers in the most popular city bars.  Only the best beers have a tap in the main bars. So, quality is the way forward and that is why we are selling Simpsons Malt like there is no tomorrow!”

Do you have a favourite beer style?

“Not just one! It depends on the time and moment, just like music… but I really enjoy a New England IPA and, why not, a barrel-aged imperial stout!”

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given?

“Peter Simpson once said, “It is all about quality, it is all about brewing better beer…”

What’s your favourite malt from Simpsons Malt? And why?

“For me Golden Promise is the malt that makes a big difference in all hoppy beers.”

You’re in a pub with a well-stocked bar and a jukebox filled with songs from every era, which song and beer would you choose and why?

“Wow, that is a very difficult question to answer! There are too many good songs and styles and too many good beers… but maybe ‘This Ain’t a Celebration’ by Suicidal Tendencies with an IPAcolada from La Pirata. But I can tell you hundreds of different combinations!”


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