A Beer With… Peter Meddings, Bintani

As maltsters, we get to work with some super cool people from around the world. From brewers and distillers to suppliers and distributors, there are so many people in the drinks industry who share our passion for great quality – that’s part of what keeps us motivated to be the home of good malt.

Although we are based in the UK, our malts are used in beers and whiskies the world over. Without our distributors, we wouldn’t be able to reach our awesome international customers.

We caught up with Peter Meddings, director of Bintani, our fantastic distributors in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We work with Bintani because we know our customers will be in safe hands – the team there knows everything there is to know about our malts and can offer some great advice to brewers.

Peter told us all about how he got started in the drinks industry and the changes he’s observed during his 24 years in the business…

When did Bintani start working with Simpsons Malt?

“Our first shipment of Simpsons Malt arrived all the way back in March 2009 – and the rest is history!”

What kind of customers do you have?  

“Bintani supplies Simpsons Malt to all kinds of brewers, from homebrewers through to the largest commercial breweries. Good beer needs good malt no matter the size of the brewery.”

What is your background in the drinks industry?

“I started homebrewing in 1972 and a friend asked me to work on some yeast with him. We did some trials and I saw potential in a yeast which is now known as S-33. Then I got a job working in the homebrew market, followed by an industrial sales role with malt extracts for Wander.

“The craft beer market was just starting to take off then and I enjoyed working with those guys so much that I started my own business. For 24 years now, I have scoured the globe to source great ingredients for our industry.”

What made you want to work in the drinks industry?

“From my own homebrewing and ingredient trials I found I really enjoyed working with the people and products in this industry. When you have a passion for something, no matter how hard it is, you make it work. I have a passion for this industry and I enjoy being able to, in my own small way, support and encourage others to make it work.”

What has been the biggest change in your regions’ brewing markets over the last few years?

“The biggest change has been the growth of the industry – we’ve seen rapid, sustained growth over a fairly long period. It really is an incredibly exciting time for beer.”

If you were a Simpsons Malt malt, which one would you be, and why?

“Roasted Barley because it’s good in small doses!”

If you could only drink one beer style forever, what would it be, and why?

“Probably a pale ale – they’re typically hoppy but balanced with good malt character.”

What is your favourite thing about your role at Bintani?

“Pretending that I’m still the boss! I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful that we’ve been able to build a successful business in this industry, but more importantly, help others do the same along the way.”

What are your predictions for the 2019 brewing market in your regions?

“It will only increase. But it is changing with more breweries and brewpubs tending to focus locally rather than chasing national distribution.”

Do you want to discuss your next Simpsons Malt order? Get in contact now! For orders in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, visit the Bintani website.


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