Golden Promise: Growing this heritage barley variety

Golden Promise ®™ is a heritage barley variety that dates back to the 1960s. That barley then malted to become Golden Promise®™ malt.

It is predominantly grown in the coastal areas of the Scottish Borders, East Lothian, Fife, Angus and Northumberland. The latter is the most northerly county in England and home to our headquarters in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

We are proud to be the Plant Variety Rights holder for Golden Promise®™. Today, our in-house agricultural merchanting division, McCreath Simpson & Prentice, is responsible for its maintenance and is dedicated to the variety’s sustainability and continued growth.

Golden Promise

Will Hamilton talking about all things GP with some brewing customers back in summer 2019.

As a result, we have direct contact with all Golden Promise®™ growers. One of these is Bee Edge Farm, which is located near the villages of Coldingham and St Abbs (aka New Asgard) in the Scottish Borders.

Bee Edge Farm is run by Will Hamilton and, in this video series, we will regularly catch-up with Will’s daughter Annabel. She recently returned to work on the family farm and we’ll chat about the growing season and the challenges that may crop up throughout the season.

Will and Annabel also run operations at the Simpson Family Farm. This farm is located near to Bee Edge Farm and is on the outskirts of the seaside town of Eyemouth.

Golden Promise Growing – Episode 1

In the first episode, Annabel introduces herself and chats about:

  • Why the Hamilton family have enjoyed growing Golden Promise®™ for so many years.
  • The conditions that have meant Golden Promise®™ is suitable for sowing.
  • The importance to them of the barley having a destined market.

Episode 2 coming in April 2020…

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