Brown Malt Brown Malt

“The secret behind any London Porter is Brown Malt.”

John Keeling, Brewery Director, Fuller Smith & Turner, London.

Brown Malt

The secret to a good London Porter.

Beer Styles:
London Porter, Mid to Dark Belgian Styles, Brown Ale
Malt Flavour:
Coffee Beans
Up to 10%

Our Brown Malt imparts a rich coffee aroma ideal for Stouts and Porters. It delivers a smooth mouthfeel as well as increasing foam stability. The hue is a deep mahogany that brings warmth and depth to dark beers. Often a forgotten malt.

  • IOB
  • ASBC
  • EBC
Min Max
Moisture % 4.0
Extract lt°/kg (7Dry) 265
Colour °EBC 400.9 508.1
Min Max
Moisture % 4.0
Extract % d.b 68.7
Color ° Lovibond 150.0 190.0
Min Max
Moisture % 4.0
Extract % d.b 68.7
Colour ° EBC 400.9 508.1
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