Imperial Malt Imperial Malt

“I love throwing Imperial into our lighter beers at around 5%-10% and up to 25% in our darker beers like an Imperial Stout. It has such a good depth of flavour and for me, it’s like the perfect blend of Vienna and Munich malt with a beautiful, nutty but clean flavour profile. What’s not to love about that?”

Mitch Pickford, Head Brewer, Range Brewing

Imperial Malt

A massive malt with depth of colour, flavour and aroma.

Beer Styles:
Light Ales, Brown Ales, Porter and Stout
Malt Flavour:
Biscuit Dry Sweetness (Honey/Plums), Bread Crust
Up to 20% in Light Ales to enhance flavour, Up to 50% in Brown Ales & Porters, Up to 80% in Dark Beers & Stouts

Our Imperial Malt imparts a full-bodied flavour and biscuit aroma. The warm brown notes it adds to the wort intensify the depth of colour, without compromising enzymic activity.

  • IOB
  • ASBC
  • EBC
Min Max
Moisture % 3.5
Extract lt°/kg (7Dry) 280
Colour °EBC 40 50
Min Max
Moisture % 3.5
Extract % d.b 75.0
Color ° Lovibond 15.6 19.3
Min Max
Moisture % 3.5
Extract % d.b 75.0
Colour ° EBC 45 55
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