Brewers Supply Group

Supplying the United States

Map of the USA showing BSG distrubtors

Nick Funnell

Pacific Northwest Sales Manager

Kassandra Sutherland

West Coast Region Sales Manager

Jim Wiggins

Southern California Region Sales Manager

Chad R. Hatlestad

Mountain & South Region Sales Director

John E. Guzmán

Southern US, International, and Latin America Area Sales Manager

Allen Young

Southeast Region Technical Sales Manager

Grant McDonough

Northeast Region Sales Manager

Ben Maushardt

New England Region Sales Manager

Chris German

Midwest Region Technical Sales Manager

The full product range of Simpsons Malt is available exclusively throughout the US through our distribution partner, Brewers Supply Group.  For a fast delivery of any stock item and full product knowledge, call them direct today.  


Contact details

T: +1 800 374 2739
Brewers Supply Group website