A Beer With… Darren Norbury, Publisher, Beer Today

The beer industry around the globe is filled with so many great people who all share a passion for beer and brewing. We are humbled to be a part of it and to be able to regularly meet fellow beer-enthusiasts. For this month’s A Beer With… blog we caught up with beer writer and content creator Darren Norbury, the main man behind beertoday.co.uk.

We spoke all things beer and brewing with Darren, who, like us, gets to meet and chat with brewers around the UK and knows the industry inside out.

Let’s read what insight he gave us…

What is your background in the drinks industry?

“I’m a journalist (on other subjects, as well as beer), and I also do PR and content creation. I work with one or two breweries, as well as being a regular face behind the bar at the Star Inn, Crowlas, in Cornwall.”

What is your favourite thing about your role at Beer Today?

“The people. Either the brewers behind the beers, or the people running the pubs and bars and spreading the love about our national drink.”

What has been the biggest change in the brewing market over the last few years that you have noticed?

“It has to be the rise of craft, or keg, beer, which has widened beer’s demographic. Many craft drinkers have crossed over to enjoying cask beer, too.”

Do you have any predictions for the 2019 brewing market?

“A big resurgence in interest in cask beer. Many have always said that cask ale is the true test of a brewer’s skills, and I reckon a lot of the young craft brewers are thinking they fancy a crack at this. I’ve got all the time in the world for good craft beer, but sometimes you just can’t beat a pint of great cask!”

What brewing events would you recommend for brewers or beer drinkers?

“My favourite is possibly the Celtic Beer Festival, held in the cellars of St Austell Brewery, in Cornwall, in November, but everyone should get to a CAMRA beer festival or an independent craft festival near them. Different experiences, but you get to try a good diversity of brews.”

Do you have any hot tips on brewers to look out for?

“I’ve started referring to Verdant, just down the road from me in Cornwall, as ‘rock star brewers’. Their recent crowdfunding campaign sailed past its £500,000 target in days and is now on course to raise a million. They’re already big, but wait until their production capacity quadruples…”

If you could only drink one beer style forever, what would it be, and why?

“I love most of them, but if you had to pin me down, I’d say IPA. The original, British version, that is. At its peak, wonderful. Hoppy, bitter, robust. I’m going for one now…”

Cheers Darren!

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