A Beer With… Darron Anley, Siren Craft Brew

One of the best parts of being a maltster is seeing our premium malts help create some beautiful brews…and getting to sample the results too!

Last month, Siren Craft Brew was awarded the coveted Champion Beer of Britain gold award at the Great British Beer Festival.

Championing our customers and helping them to create some truly incredible beers is what we’re all about at Simpsons Malt. We caught up with Siren Craft Brew founder and friend of Simpsons Malt, Darron Anley to discuss how it feels to brew a champion beer and what’s next for the award winning brewery…

How does it feel to be the winner of the title ‘Champion Beer of Britain’?

“It’s hugely satisfying, especially with the award being for our breakfast stout, Broken Dream.  All of our brewing team have been working so hard since our new brew house opened in 2016 to really improve this beer and it’s great to see all that hard work rewarded.

“Champion Beer of Britain is a great award to win as it has had some truly legendary winners in the past, so for Siren to have our name etched on the trophy is thrilling.”

What’s next for Siren?

“We are going to keep doing what we do, which is to brew a vibrant and exciting flagship range of brews to entice everyone from beer novices to beer geeks. We also plan to continue developing our one-off and seasonal beers.

“Of course, our barrel aging project continues to grow, and we are hitting the market with innovative and unique beers, from our anniversary barley wine, Maiden, to our recent World Beer Cup award-winning Odyssey 009.

“We also have some exciting expansion plans to announce in the coming months.”

When did you start working with Simpsons Malt?

“2015 I believe, after a recommendation from Harbour Brewing.”

What’s your favourite malt from Simpsons Malt, and why?

Simpsons’ DRC because of its plump, dark fruit, burnt caramel and berry flavours – so tasty!  A great high colour crystal that stands out against its competitors.”

Do you have a favourite beer style that you like to drink or brew?

“There’s no way for me to answer that question! Honestly, the reason I started Siren is because I deeply love so many styles, and each have their own special, unique time for drinking them.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“I don’t think that’s publishable…  but in terms of brewing, it might be what Jasper Cuppaidge of Camden Town Brewery told me back in 2012: “Whatever size kit you were going to go for, double it, and if you can afford to, treble it.”

“Another great piece of advice came from Kelly Ryan of Fork and Brewer in New Zealand (formerly Thornbridge): “It doesn’t matter how good your home brewing recipes are, get a professional brewer!””

You’re in a pub with a well-stocked bar and a jukebox filled with songs from every era, which song and beer would you choose and why?

“Tough question, but at this moment in time, I am imagining a boozy blues bar and it would be Frank Sinatra, One for My Baby, accompanied by a Maiden 2016 – assuming I had to pick one of ours.

“I love that song, it’s so melancholy, wandering and perfect for a real sipping beer to get lost in.”

Finally, would you recommend Simpsons Malt?

“Absolutely! Fabulous quality malt, and great people to do business with.”


Great to catch up with Darron. We really do love our customers, it’s their creativity and passion that push us to produce the best malt for their brews!

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