Malt of the Month – Caramalt

Chewy, sugary and golden-hued, Caramalt, the Malt of the Month for March is ideal in a large variety of beer styles to add sweetness and enhance flavour.

A crystal malt, Caramalt is created by a technique of soaking and then roasting at really high temperatures, causing the sugars to caramelise while they are still inside the grain. It’s this that creates the delicious, sugary flavour and texture.

Here’s everything you need to know before you use Caramalt in your next brew…

Taste & flavour

Caramalt adds toffee and caramel flavours to most beers. It can enhance different beer styles with gentle sweet notes. Some brewers may even notice some subtle grassy undertones, adding fresh and refreshing depth to many brews.


If used between 5% and 20%, Caramalt performs well as a flavour enhancer. Use it in any beer that could use a little sweetness, including lagers, golden ales, brown ales, wheat beer and bock.

It can also be used as a colour enhancer to create golden hues, but is relatively low in colour, making it less astringent.

Try it for yourself

If you’re interested in finding out more about Caramalt, or trying it for yourself, then you can get in touch with our order team today!