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Malt of the Month – Crystal Medium

June’s Malt of the Month is Crystal Medium – a traditional English-style crystal which is known for its sweet toffee and caramel notes, combined with its deep golden and red hues.

A good all-rounder, and great in a variety of beer styles, Crystal Medium is particularly popular in traditional English beer styles where it is used to bring out that authentic, familiar flavour.

Taste & flavour

When you use Crystal Medium, you notice the varieties in the sweetness it imparts. As a Crystal malt, Crystal Medium is roasted at high temperatures and then allowed to cool, crystallising the internal sugars in the process.

Distinct toffee and caramel flavours are apparent, but further delicate honey-like flavours are also present. You will also detect a slight maltiness and fruity taste.


Crystal Medium is perfect for traditional English-style beers. It tends to be used in bitters and brown ales, as well as a variety of pale ales and porters.

As well as bringing out that classic flavour, Crystal Medium also enhances beers’ colour with bold, deep reddish, goldish hues. Feedback from our customers suggests that optimum usage is between 5-15%.

Try it for yourself

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