Malt of the Month:  Dextrin Malt

This month, we’re celebrating Dextrin Malt, the nifty little malt that packs a punch.

Choosing the right malt is important as the quality of the malt you choose has a huge impact on your beer’s overall taste and feel.  That’s why we’re here to help explore the malt’s taste, flavour and usage!

When it comes to Dextrin Malt, a little goes a long way. Used sparingly, it can add body, mouthfeel and foam stability to just about any beer. All this without modifying colour or flavour.

Let’s find out more about our body beautiful Dextrin Malt…

Taste & flavour

Dextrin Malt imparts no flavour – rather, it’s designed to add texture, and to provide balance to bitter beers.  Much to the frustration of many brewers, lighter IPAs can often end up more sour than intended – if you’re having this problem, then Dextrin Malt could be the solution.


Dextrin Malt is particularly good in very light, hop-forwards IPAs, where it can be used to balance bitterness. It’s also a great addition to lower attenuated sweet beers like Mild and Sweet Stout.

You don’t need to use a lot of Dextrin Malt to start seeing results. Used up to 20%, you’ll quickly notice a much more stable foam and an improved head retention. Whilst using Dextrin Malt will impact mouthfeel, flavour and colour are not affected.


James Campbell, Co Founder and Head Brewer of Cloudwater said: “At Cloudwater we use Simpson’s Dextrin Malt to enhance mouthfeel and achieve a residual sweetness in our beers.”

Try it for yourself

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