Malt of the Month – Golden Naked Oats®

Golden Naked Oats® are an exceptional crystal malt variety, known for their creaminess and subtle nutty flavour.

Huskless, and roasted at low temperatures, these malts are a brewer’s delight – Golden Naked Oats taste so good that some customers even eat them as a snack!

This malt can be used to create a full-bodied beer and gives an overall nutty taste with muted sweetness.

Sound good? Here’s all you need to know about our malt of the month…

Taste and flavour

In addition to sugary undertones, Golden Naked Oats give beers a subtle nutty flavour paired with a distinct creaminess. The result is a full flavoured, full bodied, golden-hued beer with a smooth mouthfeel

Our malt of the month can also be used to bring balance to strong, hop forward beers.


Because of the way we create crystal malts like Golden Naked Oats, steeping and then cooking at low temperatures, the starches are converted to sugars, which is what gives them their delicate sweetness.

Golden Naked Oats work fantastically in Oat Stouts and some IPAs, with the malt helping to provide that haziness sought by so many craft brewers at the moment. They are also a favourite in speciality beers amongst brewers who favour experimentation. Customers tell us that they tend to use Golden Naked Oats up to 10%.


Fans of Golden Naked Oats include Lagunitas Brewing Company. Head brewer, Jeremy Marshall, told us: “I use Simpsons’ Golden Naked Oats to ensure minimal solid liquid separation of wort so that tastes like a delicious dissolved candy bar.”

Try it for yourself

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