Sesh Fest 2018, Magic Rock Brewing – What to expect

This Saturday we’re off to Sesh Fest 2018 and we CAN’T WAIT!

Sesh Fest is set to be an awesome beer festival hosted by Magic Rock Brewing in Huddersfield. Over 30 specially selected brewers will be there to share their finest session beers.

We’re looking forward to catching up with some of our favourite brewers and kicking back with good beer, good food and good company. We literally can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

If you’re going too, here’s what you can expect….


You could have probably guessed this yourself but… there will be a lot of beer at this beer festival. Sesh Fest will be a celebration of high quality session beers, so expect to sample some truly unique brews from the UK and beyond.

The exhibitor list looks insane – more than 30 amazing brewers including Beavertown, Northern Monk and Wylam will each have two beers to choose from. And with all beers under 4.5% ABV, we’re hoping to try quite a few!


Well, great beer needs great food to go with it, doesn’t it? Sesh Fest delivereth! Street Cleaver, Meltworks, The Gravy Train and The Mexican Pilgrim will be offering up a mix of cheese, meats and general deliciousness.


A select range of brewers’ merchandise will on sale. There will also be a specially designed Sesh Fest glass, so you’ll be able to remember the amazing day you spent at Magic Rock Brewery years from now when you’re sipping beer in your self-driving hovercraft.


You can only attend this event if you’ve already got a ticket – don’t head over to Huddersfield without one, or you’ll be sat crying outside a brewery. We don’t want that for you.

Under 18s can attend until 8pm, accompanied by a responsible adult.

Dogs are welcome all day, even if they are under 18!

Are you going to Sesh Fest? Let’s chat about it on Twitter, using the hashtag #seshfest2018