Training & Development Manager Vacancy – Join our team!

Human Resources
Job Title:
Training & Development Manager
Reporting to:
HR Director

Job Description: 

We’re looking for a training and development manager to join our team.

This role will focus on the delivery of training across the organisation, involving all skill areas except legal compliance.  The role will focus on establishing a framework to identify the skills needed by occupation, establish viable delivery approaches and identifying appropriate delivery partners,

The secondary focus will be around the development of staff to include the introduction and management of a process to identify potential internal successors for key management and technical job holders and putting in place development programs for those staff to make successful succession more likely.

Main activities/tasks

1.     Manage a process of defining what each role needs to know in terms of processes and qualifications.

2.     Support a move to an enhanced level of operational process training via development of a program of “Train the Trainer” activity to establish owners at the Senior Operator/PC level for all our processes who are also equipped to assess and sign off technical competency

3.     Evolution of a Simpsons Induction Programme that moves from tick box to include content around our history, our vision, those behaviours that we wish to encourage and reduce and our willingness to question all we do and improve it.

4.     Build on work already trialled around training in CI techniques and spread through organisation such as 5 Why’s problem solving, Fishbone analysis, 5S, Meeting Skills, Project Management, etc.

5.     Manage our cross company training to achieve CMC and Malting Diploma certification and ensure we demonstrate the expertise our customers expect.

6.     Ensure PM’s have agreed programme of developmental training in soft skills around performance management, facilitation, problem solving, coaching and communication.

7.     Develop and facilitate a succession planning focus whereby all key roles in the business have potential successors identified and training plans then put in to place to make them better candidates.

8.     Analyse training requests via performance review and budgeting processes to identify collective training need and seek and schedule best value training supply

9.     Select and manage external contractors as required.

Special requirements (tools and equipment used, external contracts, etc):
Likely to be highly computer literate

Other features of job: shift or night work, travel, working conditions, etc:
Able to travel between Norfolk and Northumberland.

Be willing to attend internal and external training courses which will require residence away from site.

Primary Location of job:
Tweed Valley Maltings


Knowledge and skills:

  1. Training Techniques and Competency assessment
  2. Continuous Improvement Tools
  3. Able to communicate effectively with all levels within the organisation.
  4. Presentation skills
  5. Self-starter, persistent and creative.
  6. Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint

Education, qualifications and special training:

  1. Train the Trainer certified


  1. Previous experience of training within a world class manufacturing background.
  2. Has experience across a wide range of training areas covering CI, people skills, technical skills and succession planning.
  3. Has experience in personal design and stand up delivery of training.


Other requirements

Travel:  As required

Hours:  M-F Dayshift


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