Garage Beer Co.: Inside one of Spain’s best craft breweries

Founded in 2015, Garage Beer Co. is considered a pioneer in the Spanish craft brewing movement.

The brewery is a prominent user of our malts through our distributor in Spain, Agronet Brewing and, in May 2023, we had the pleasure of being shown around the brewery site on the outskirts of Barcelona and were able to sit down with Co-Founder, Alberto Zamborlin, and Head Brewer, Owen Ashmore.

We chatted to both Alberto and Owen about their journeys in craft beer and the growth of Garage Beer Co., gaining valuable insight into the passion, dedication, and craftsmanship that goes into producing their unique brews.

The duo also spoke about their excellent relationship with Agronet Brewing and why the high-quality products they receive from the distributor help to bring the desired quality to their wide range of beers.

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