Malt of the Month: Crystal Dark

It’s time for the ‘noble crystal malt’ to shine – this month we’re celebrating our Crystal Dark malt!

Our unique roasting process allows us to achieve exceptional uniformity in each batch, ensuring each grain of malt is perfectly crystallised.

Read on to find out why Crystal Dark is September’s Malt of the Month…

Taste and flavour

Our premium crystal malts are known for their sweetness and flavour. Find out how we make them in our Malt Production blog.

The Crystal Dark malt in particular has a flavour of Burnt Caramel, Toffee and Raisins – depending on how much you use. It delivers these flavours without the astringency of roasted malt.

Have a look at our other crystal malts to find out the flavours you can expect from them.


A strong malt that imparts rich flavour, we recommend a little goes a long way with Crystal Dark. We suggest using this malt as little as 3% and no more than 15%.

Used in small amounts, you’ll also notice an improvement in head retention.

Try it for yourself

Are you interested in trying out Crystal Dark for yourself? Get in touch with our order team today!