Richard Simpson and runner from Curfew Run 2016

Simpsons Malt help to ‘run the town’ with Tweed Striders ahead of Berwick’s Curfew Run

The historic Berwick-upon-Tweed Curfew Run takes place this week, with the support from Simpsons Malt.

The traditional Curfew Run takes place around the historic Elizabethan town walls once a year to commemorate the ringing of the curfew bell and the closing of the town walls.

Organised by the Tweed Striders, the 1.2-mile run attracts runners of all ages and abilities and puts them to the test – challenging participants to complete the course before the curfew bell stops ringing after 13 minutes.

Richard Simpson, Vice Chairman of Simpsons Malt, commented: “We are always striving to support local initiatives in the area, and the Curfew Run is one of those that we are delighted to be involved in.  A great event for the Town that attracts all the family – including the Simpsons.  We’ve been encouraging some members of the Simpsons Malt team to sign up!”