Clear, concise and electronic: Introducing our new bag labels

To all our brewing customers, most of whom receive malt in our 25kg bags, we’d like to let you know that we’ve made a whole host of changes to our bag labels – all designed to benefit you.

So, where to begin? We’ll start with the layout.

Prompted by your feedback, we have significantly improved the clarity of our labels so that generic information such as the Stock Lot Number, Packing Date and Best Before are clearly distinguished from the customer specific information, which includes Product Reference, Order Number and FX Number.

In terms of the Best Before, this previously read, ‘XX months from Packing Date’. Now, the bag labels have a definitive Best Before date in DD/MM/YY format directly below the Packing Date which, again, makes it easier and quicker to consume the information.

Another important aspect of the labels is that they all feature barcodes and QR codes meaning that, rather than having to input details of each delivery manually, you can just scan the QR code and all the information displayed on the bag label will transfer automatically into your computer system.

The bag labels also have key environmental information on, including the temperature at which to store the malt, while labels for our Golden Promise – a trademarked malt of ours – will have a special logo on to signify this.

We’re always looking to make things simpler for our many overseas customers, too.

To this end, we now have customer specific labels that will show language descriptions on for the country where the bags are going underneath the English descriptions, all while adhering to each country’s legislative requirements.

Speaking about the new bag labels, Malcolm Brown, Business Information & Technology Director, said: “These changes ensure that we’re giving our customers clear and concise information about the product they’re receiving in a structured, user-friendly format.

“Being able to receive the information electronically through the barcode and QR code will also be a huge benefit to our customers, while it’s a big step forward for us, too.”