Malt of the Month: Roasted Barley

Each month we explore the taste, flavour and usage of one of our malts to give you an insight in to the variety on offer at Simpsons Malt.

Roasted Barley is this month’s Malt of the Month focus, known for its dark, deep colour and matching flavour.

Less a “malt” and more a grain, Roasted Barley is made from un-malted barley at our Tivetshall St. Margaret maltings in Norfolk.

Taste & flavour

Although a very similar colour specification to Black Malt, Roasted Barley is known for its intense roasted coffee flavour that it brings to your brew.  It’s flavour matches its deep, dark colour.

The best way we can describe the flavour is by comparing it to coffee beans.


Roasted Barley is one of the darkest grains to be used in brewing, and is typically found in dry Irish Stouts.  This unique malt is also great for Heavy and Imperial Stouts.

We recommend a usage of up to 5%.

Try it for yourself

If you’re interested in finding out more or trying it for yourself, then you can get in touch with our order team today!