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Malt of the Month – Wheat Malt

In turbulent times, we all need a bit of stability…and we’ve got just the ticket. Wheat Malt is the king of foam stability and head retention, so even when all else is going wrong, you’ll have a premium brew on hand.

Given its high enzymatic capacity, Wheat Malt can be relied upon as a base malt but also works well in combination with other malts when used in lower volume.

Check out all there is to know about wheat malt, including how to use it in your next brew…

Taste & flavour

Wheat Malt is known for that citrusy, almost tart taste, combined with a crusty bread flavour that makes it quite complex. It can be depended upon to add depth of flavour on its own or as a combination with other malts – depending on the beer type.


Wheat Malt is distinctive in its ability to support foam strength for that classic beer head.

It’s awesome in traditional wheat beers, as well as in bitters, scotch ales, and white IPAs.

For lighter beers, we recommend using Wheat Malt up to 5% to avoid impacting colour, whilst increasing foam stability. Generally, for bitters, scotch ales and white IPAs, brewers tend to use wheat malt at 5-15%.

Alternatively, for wheat beers, use Wheat Malt as a base – up to 70% is optimal.

Try it for yourself

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