Crystal T50™ Crystal Malt T50

“Everyone always raves about Crystal T50, which I think is an industry favourite. We use it in our pale ales and imperial stouts. It's a really nicely balanced crystal malt that doesn't bring too much acidity to the beer, while giving it a nice, round sweetness. ”

Pete Vick, Head Brewer, The Garden Brewery

Crystal T50™

Super tight spec. Target 50L every time.

Beer Styles:
IPA, Pale Ale, and Bitters
Malt Flavour:
Delicate Malty Notes, Honey, Slight Toffee

The secret to our Crystal T50 is in the name. Each batch targets 50 Lovibond colour (130EBC). The specification on Crystal T50 was created with one of our most acclaimed clients in mind.

With an exceptionally tight consistency - it’s a fantastic crystal that crunches in the mouth offering. Crystal T50 provides amazing colour and delicate malty flavours to beer.

  • IOB
  • ASBC
  • EBC
Min Max
Moisture % 5.0
Extract lt°/kg (7Dry) 265
Colour °EBC 126 140
Crystallisation % 85
Cut White Corns in Crystal % 2
Min Max
Moisture % 5.0
Extract % d.b 69.0
Color ° Lovibond 48 53.0
Min Max
Moisture % 5.0
Extract % d.b 69.0
Colour ° EBC 130 145
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